Lion bites zebra neck

2002-09-08 -

***zebra, cells, the way things happenedThese days, there's only the writing that allows me to thwart or squeeze out the acid fire that tries to come over my feeling organs, inside... Another time floating over the hell's plain, an other landscape, i've never been there, maybe right after that is the land i've always searched for... Writing and playing drums. And dancing and singing (yelling the most you can, with a burning stomach... in fact).

So, i was wondering, what is the english word for "pourvu", which is "provided (that)", and i thought, really, what a strange word, all these words, with tiny specificities... How come all that... i mean, we were Homo Erectus guys, and maybe once, two guys were standing face to face, and one guy felt the need to say a precise thing, so precise words appeared, and the homo erectus guy said once: - "and therefore, my friend..." and the other one - "Look, i've got to go! Mother fucker!" - "yeah, mother fucker you too...". Well, at that time, mother fucker meant "have a great afternoon", and especially "have a great hunting afternoon..."

Ok, all this came very slowly... But take animals... How came all these differences ... I mean, what... one day the zebra's god came down to see the zebras and said: - "yo! brothers, listen! As we are the best, we really must survive... So, i've drawn a little something... a new coat for us, all in black and white like this, because i've made tests: lions see only shit. What do you think?"

Just like the way our heart beats by itself, our body makes all the great work, like billion of little microscopic living creatures, bringing vitamins here, fixing a scratch on your skin there... I think the first complex being was an assembly of same basic cells... and so on... Well, all i'm saying is that it's a little strange.

Mmh, now i don't remember what i wanted to do with my provided... I really don't. Maybe not much at all.

(the title: from "Justice aversion", Smog)